THE ALPS - Fold Mountains

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THE ALPS - Fold Mountains
  1. Formation
    1. The Alps were formed about 30 million years ago by the collision of the African and European Plates
    2. Tallest Peak
      1. Mont Blanc at 4810m on the French-Italian Border
      2. Population
        1. Around 12 million people
        2. Why People use the Alps
          1. Farming
            1. Steep upland areas are used for farming goats which produce milk, cheese and meat.
              1. Sunnier areas have vineyards (e.g. Lavaux, Switzerland)
              2. Tourism
                1. 100 million tourist visit the alps every year.
                  1. Important for environment.
                  2. 70% of tourists visit ski slopes in winter.
                    1. Summer tourists come for walking, mountain biking, climbing and paragliding.
                    2. New villages have been built to cater for large numbers of tourists (e.g. Tignes, France)
                      1. Ski runs, ski lifts, cable cars, holiday chalets and restaurants pepper the landscape.
                      2. Mining
                        1. Salt, iron ore, gold, silver and copper were mined in the Alps but the industry has declined due to cheaper foreign sources
                        2. Hydro-Electric Power
                          1. The narrow valleys are dammed to generate HEP, e.g. in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland 60 % of it electricity comes from HEP stations in the Alps.
                            1. The electricity produced is used locally to power homes and businesses. It can also be exported to town and cities further away.
                            2. Forestry
                              1. Scots Pine has been planted all over the alps because it's more resilient to animals which often destroy native plants and trees.
                                1. It's logged and sold to make things like furniture.
                            3. How people have adapted
                              1. Steep Relief
                                1. Goats are farmed because they're well adapted to live on steep mountains.
                                2. Poor Soils
                                  1. Animals are grazed in most high areas as the soil isn't good enough for growing crops.
                                  2. Limited Communications
                                    1. Roads have been built over passes e.g. The Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy.
                                      1. It takes a long time to drive over these passes and they are often blocked by snow, so tunnels have been cut through the mountains to provide fast transport links.
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