What is a good design?

Niat Habtemariam
Mind Map by , created about 6 years ago

High School Diploma Science (Engineering Design) Mind Map on What is a good design?, created by Niat Habtemariam on 10/12/2013.

Niat Habtemariam
Created by Niat Habtemariam about 6 years ago
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What is a good design?
1 Functionality
1.1 Fulfills intended purpose
1.2 Actually works
1.3 Functions/Works well
2 Quality
2.1 Meets a set minimum standard
2.2 Functions for its intended lifetime
3 Saftey
3.1 Complies with regulations
3.2 Can operate product safely
4 Erognomics
4.1 Able to operate easily and efficiently
4.2 Comfortable for users
5 Aesthetics
5.1 Has an appealing appearance
5.2 In line with current trends
5.3 Complies with beauty and nature principles
6 Universal Acessibility
6.1 Can be used by all people
6.2 Free of barriers that would prohibit other people
7 Environmental Impact
7.1 Doesn't adversely affect environment
7.2 What happens to product when its lifetime is over?
8 Economics
8.1 Can be manufactured in a cost-efficient manner
8.2 Doesn't sacrifice other design considerations

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