Computer-Assisted Language Learning

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Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  1. Disadvantages
    1. Lack of trained teachers
      1. It is necessary for teachers and students to have basic technology knowledge before applying computer technology in second language teaching and learning.
      2. Imperfect current CALL programs
        1. At present, the software of CALL mainly deals with reading, listening, and writing skills. There are some speaking programs have been developed recently, but their functions are still limited.
        2. Inability to handle unexpected situations
          1. Computers merely have artificial intelligence, and it cannot deal with learner’s unexpected learning problem or response to learner’s questions immediately as teachers do.
        3. Advantages
          1. Interest and motivation
            1. Classical language teaching in classroom can be monotonous, boring, and even frustrating, and students can loose interest and motivation in learning.
            2. Individualization
              1. CALL allows learners to have non-sequential learning habit
              2. A compatible learning style
                1. Students have different style of learning, and an incompatible style for students will cause serious conflicts to them.
                2. Optimal use of learning time
                  1. The time flexibility of using computer enables students to choose appropriate timing for learning.
                  2. Immediate feedback
                    1. Students receive maximum benefit from feedback only if it is given immediately
                    2. Guided and repetitive practice
                      1. Students have freedom of expression within certain bounds that programmers create, such as grammar, vocabulary, etc.
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