Letter to the editor

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Letter to the editor of a newspaper

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Letter to the editor
  1. Sender's COMPLETE address
    1. The recipient's COMPLETE address
      1. Dear Editor, / Dear Mr./Ms + surname,
        1. Date
          1. Yours faithfully, / Yours sincerely,
            1. I'M WRITING TO ... give you my opinion on the article "Degrowth: when less is more" appeared on your newspaper last Monday
              1. I found the article very interesting and I agree with this new movement of "degrowth".
                1. IT IS CLEAR THAT we live in a capitalist society where the economy is more important than the nature and the people
                  1. As the article says it is not fair that only 20% of the population has 80% of the world's wealth.
                  2. SO governments should start thinking of new economic models based on simplicity and solidarity more than on artificial needs.
                    1. I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU could publish more articles about this subject so people can learn more about it.
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