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Biology (Biochemistry) Mind Map on Carbohydrates-MONOSACCHARIDES, created by Connor Joesbury on 10/13/2013.

Connor Joesbury
Created by Connor Joesbury about 6 years ago
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1 What is a Carbohydrate?
1.1 A Carbohydrate is the combination of CARBON molecules with WATER.
2 Life Based on Carbon
2.1 Carbon atoms readily form bonds with other Carbon atoms.
2.1.1 this allows for long chains of Carbon atoms to be built up.
2.1.2 Long chains form the backbone to which other atoms attach to.
2.2 The different chains of C atoms allow for the variation existing in life today.
3 The making of large molecules.
3.1 Carbohydrates are made up of individual molecules called MONOMERS.
3.2 Long carbon atom monomers join to create long chains
3.2.1 These long chains are called POLYMERS.
3.3 Many protein molecules are only made up of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Hydrogen.
3.4 In Carbohydrates the basic monomer is called a SACCHARIDE,
3.4.1 A single monomer is therefore called a MONOSACCHARIDE.
3.4.2 Many monomers are then called POLYSACCHARIDES.
3.4.3 Two Monosaccharides can be combined to form a DISACCHARIDE.
4 Monosaccharides.
4.1 These are sweet tasting substances that have the general formula (CH2O)n.
4.1.1 The best known Monosaccharide is Glucose. There are 2 types of Glucose Alpha Glucose. These both combine to form Disaccharides or polysaccharides Beta Glucose. 2 Alpha Glucose molecules combine to form MALTOSE Beta Glucose.