10 Important Points to Remember After Completing Cargo Operations on Tankers

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10 Important Points to Remember After Completing Cargo Operations on Tankers
  1. 1.Check Loaded Quantity: when the loading operations , the amount of charge of the tankers ends must be reviewed by a responsible officer and by a representative on the shore. and the amount should be reported to the master and immediate authority .
    1. 2. Inform Engine Room: notify the engine department the discharging is finished and wait for the inspector to issue the "Dry tank certificate and Empty Tank Certificate "
    2. 3. Keep The Logbook Updated: update loading times and discharging operations are recorded in the logbook office and main points in the Deck logbook.
      1. 4.. Close All Valves: after completion of the loading and unloading operations , all valves must be closed. the ground control valves are closed first tanker valves .
        1. 5. Remove the Cargo Hoses By Avoiding Oil Spill: After verifying that the valves are closed , charging hoses they must be removed. this is to prevent the oil spill
          1. 6. Check Breather Valve: the vent valves must be verified and evaluated to maintain the pressure inside the tank.
            1. 7. Change the Flange Position: change the position of the mounting flange showing the blank side to isolate the line and prevent overflow
              1. 8. Close tank openings: all tank openings must be closed after completion of loading and unloading. This was carried out by a pump- man or bosun under the direction of chief officer responsible .
                1. 9. Remove Linking Cables Earth : the union of Earth Cables should be taken after charging hoses are disconnected.
                  1. 10. Open Drain Cocks: tanks and valves in land should be closed , and the taps in the collector tank must be opened to allow drainage of cargo in fixed tanks drains or portable drip trays
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