7 Problems Seafarers Can Face While Traveling to Foreign Land

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7 Problems Seafarers Can Face While Traveling to Foreign Land
  1. check list
    1. shipping contract
      1. appointment letter
        1. imortant contact numbers
        2. Loss of important documents
          1. take all necesary precautions
            1. if you lost them
              1. act without panic
                1. keep a back up of all your documents
                  1. luggage
                    1. phone
                      1. tablec
                        1. home
                        2. inforrm your agent inmediatly
                          1. file a complain with the local police
                        3. Missing of flights
                          1. check if you need transit visa
                            1. contact your office personnel
                              1. talk to person in charge in the airline and find an alternative or a return flight
                            2. Luggage stolen or lost
                              1. fille a complain with the airline
                                1. provide all the details, your agent and shipping office
                                2. alway have clothes in your handbag
                                3. Security check problem
                                  1. be aware of the laws
                                    1. if you need as for a quickle access
                                      1. never show aggressive or angry
                                      2. cooperate with the security officers
                                      3. No agent to pick you up at airport
                                        1. way the agent before take any decision
                                          1. call the agent
                                            1. call your local office personnel
                                          2. Do not panic
                                            1. Do not leave the airport
                                            2. Immigration problem
                                              1. check before you travel
                                                1. joining letter
                                                  1. appointment letter
                                                    1. ok board letter
                                                    2. have a good condition passport
                                                      1. have the seafares documents
                                                      2. Accidents or injury
                                                        1. keep an identify card or a photocoy of the same in the pocket
                                                          1. have with you a paper with your most important information
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