Causes of World War 1

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Causes of World War 1
1 Militarism, Nationlism and Imperialism
1.1 Certain countries felt a desire to expand their territories. They also believed they were the best. This led to military complications.
1.1.1 Boer War Germany opposed Britain in South Africa and helped the Boers This made Britain think that Germany wanted to destroy the empire
1.1.2 Dreadnought Crisis in response to Germany increasing their navy, the British grew their navy to rival the Germans.
1.1.3 First Moroccan crisis and Agadir Kaiser Wilhelm promised to support Morocco against France
1.1.4 The Balkan Wars Serbia had annexed many countries in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary was it's next target
1.2 This led to the increasing tension in Europe
2 The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
2.1 Austria-Hungary had taken over Bosnia and Herzegovina, much to Serbia's annoyance
2.2 The heir to the Austrian-Hungary thrones, Franz Ferdinand, went to Sarajevo to inspect the army
2.3 A group of young Serbs decided to assassinate him. The initial attempts failed, but Gavrillo Princip was able to shoot the Archduke and his wife, before being arrested
2.3.1 This led to the declaration of war, and ultimately led to Britain being dragged into the fighting
3 Aggresiveness
3.1 Some countries such as Russia, and faced some embarrassing defeats. They wanted to prove themselves again, and were just looking for a fight.
3.2 Germany had a bad relationship with Britain and France, and when the opportunity came, they decided to rival their enemies
4 Alliances
4.1 Serbia had an alliance with Russia, so when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia joined the war
4.1.1 However, Austria-Hungary had an alliance with Germany, so Germany decided to attack Russia Germany decided to launch the Schlieffen plan, they attacked France before attacking Russia
4.2 Germany ended up attacking Belgium whilst attacking France
4.2.1 this led to Britain joining the war as, they had an alliance with Belgium
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