Is nuclear energy the best option for our future needs?

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Is nuclear energy the best option for our future needs?
  1. Everyone knows that traditional energy sources damage the environment and that we need to find an alternative.
    1. Nuclear generators produce toxic waste.
      1. This nuclear waste is difficult to store and may be dangerous for thousands of years.
        1. Nobody wants nuclear waste dumps next to their home
          1. Besides,
            1. So,
              1. On one hand,
                1. On the other hand,
                  1. Some people say that..
                    1. Other people argue that...
                      1. Nuclear energy doesn't produce any emissions and it is rather safe.
                        1. We must invest in researching how to make this type of energy safer and cleaner.
                          1. In conclusion,
                            1. while it's true that there are dangers associated with nuclear energy, we have to be practical
                              1. In my opinion
                                1. We should try to improve nuclear energy to make it a better and safer option.
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