problems seafarers can face while traveling to foreign land

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problems seafarers can face while traveling to foreign land
  1. 1. Loss of important documents
    1. be cautious
      1. act without panic
        1. have photocoy of your documents
          1. bag
            1. phone
              1. computer
              2. talk to the police
              3. 2. Missing of flights
                1. talk to the airport administration
                  1. contact local office personnel
                  2. check if you need transit visa
                    1. find an alternative or return flight
                  3. 3. Luggage stolen or lost
                    1. file a complain with the airline
                      1. provide your information
                      2. always keep clothes in your handbag
                      3. 4. Security check problem
                        1. check the laws in the country
                          1. if you have a short transtit time
                            1. ask for a quicker access
                            2. never show aggression or anger
                              1. cooperate with the security officer
                            3. 7. Accidents or injury
                              1. keep an identification car on your pocket
                                1. kee p a paper with your important informacion
                                2. 6. Immigration problem
                                  1. check errors in
                                    1. joining, appointment and ok board letters
                                    2. have your passport in good conditions
                                    3. 5. No agent to pick you up at airport
                                      1. Do not panic or take a taxi inmediatly
                                        1. Do not take any desicion before talk to your agent
                                          1. call your agent
                                            1. call your local officer personnel
                                            2. Dont leave the airport
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