Reading activities in class

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Reading activities in class

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Reading activities in class
  1. Ease of the teacher to assess
    1. reading comprehension exercises
      1. unmotivated and passive readings
        1. incomplete readings
          1. students limited readers
    2. Active reading tasks
      1. students working together
        1. creating diagrams to explain a topic
          1. reviews and summaries of books
              1. Reading age-appropriate students; texts that are very known for them
                  1. Give it purpose to reading
                  2. texts that are very known for them
                    1. opportunity for discussion of the topic or a summary writing assignment.
                      1. Students critical readers
                        1. the topic or a summary writing assignment
                    2. Passive reading tasks
                      1. silent reading
                        1. superficial comprehension
                          1. the student only searches the information he need
                            1. inquisitor teacher
                              1. facilitating teacher
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