Rights And Respnsibilities/ Christianity/ Human Rights

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This explains Rights And Responsibilities in Christian View.

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Rights And Respnsibilities/ Christianity/ Human Rights
  1. Human Rights
    1. Rights to : life, freedom from torture, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, right to education, property, health care and food.
      1. Many Christians believe in the civil right that God's will is shown in the Bible and Homosexuality is wrong and are allowed to discriminate Homosexual people.
        1. Some Christians are against the right Homosexuals to raise a family. They believe that children should be brought up by a mother and a father. Some Churches have apposed adoption which makes it illegal for adoption agencies to discriminate against Homosexual couples when approving couples for adoption.
        2. Some Christians are against the right to marry somebody from a diff faith. They say a Christian should marry a Christian. They would discriminate inter-faith couples by not allowing them to marry in a Chruch
          1. Do you think Christians should accept all Human Rights Laws?
            1. Yes, because people are free to be what they want and who they want to marry as it is our life not theirs.
              1. I also agree because God has created all of us in his image and if you defy that you defy God.
                1. Another reason would be because it isn't right to discriminate people if they are black, white, homosexual or lesbian.
              2. A Roman Catholic would disagree because even though we have the right life, they will say why end another human beings life doing an abortion. Pope John Paul II took a strong line on abortion, describing it as murder.
                1. Another reason why some people may disagree is because some Christians are against the right to marry a person from a different faith or gender.
                  1. Also some people may disagree because they would discriminate inter-faith couples by not allowing them to marry in a Church.
            2. Resons Why Human Rights are important to Christians
              1. Sanctity Of Life - It is a basic Christian Belief that life is hloy and belongs to God and should only be taken by God.
                1. People In The Image Of God - Christians believe that all people are made in the image of God so are one human family. Equality and dignity of human family is shown in teachings of Jesus and the Church
                  1. Freedom Of Thought - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion are an essential part of being a Christian. Christians must have the legal right to believe in Christianity.
                    1. Freedom Of Discrimination - Right to not be discriminated against in respect of these rights and freedoms, another essential huam right.
                      1. Freedom Of Justice - Christians believe in justice and many human rights are a fundamental part of justice and a just society
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