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children or adults, who is better learning?

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  1. Why do the psychological and social factors affect second language learning?
    1. Psychological factors
      1. anxiety
        1. Memory
          1. Motor skills
          2. Social factors
            1. The natural situation
              1. The classroom situation
                1. ESL or EFL community context
                2. Because, I consider these factors can affect the learning process when the studet does not feel confortable, when the studet does not receive the appropriate motivation to learn, when the student does not have an environment where the second language is going to be developed.
                3. Is there any barrier such as age or sex, to block the process of acquiring a second language?
                  1. Yes, there is, as we know the female brain mature arlier than male, it allows to assimilate complex grammatical structures. On the other hand a young person could learn faster thanks the brain is like a sponge that absorb new kowledge in an unconscious way.
                  2. Who is better? Children or adults?
                    1. In my opinion there is not a bettet one, I think that the possibilities and the situations to learn in each stage are different. Depends on the methods that we use to teach to each group of people that makes possibe to learn anything.
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