My Leadership Map ...and this is how I got here...

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Leadership Map

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My Leadership Map ...and this is how I got here...
  1. Spirituality
    1. My Faith
      1. Catholicism
        1. Episcopalianism
          1. other religions
          2. Meditation
            1. Mindfulness Journey
            2. Career
              1. Bill Duran / The Game Changer
                1. Dennis Wollangk / "a mutually beneficial opportunity"
                  1. Charlie Kao/ ACF2- "its just for a few months"
                    1. Pat O'Donnell/ "they don't like back talking"
                      1. Scott and Tracey go to bat for me
                      2. Family
                        1. Marrying David
                          1. Raising Emily and Katie
                          2. Uncles, Aunts and 50 counsins
                            1. Aunt Lenny
                              1. my mom
                                1. sibs
                              2. Education
                                1. Catholic schools "we're teaching you HOW to learn"
                                  1. UICC Communications Major
                                    1. DePaul University CCP Curriculaum
                                      1. Libraries, books, books and more books
                                      2. Service opportunities
                                        1. Community
                                          1. Church
                                            1. Schools
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