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  1. Is a federal Republic consisting of 29 states and 7 union territories with a parliamentary system of democracy.
    1. Main characteristics
      1. Major Religion:
        1. Hindo 80.5% Muslim 13.4% Christian 23% Sikh 1.9% Other 1.8%
        2. Major ethnic groups:
          1. Indo-Aryan 72% Dravidian 25% Mongoloid and other 3%
          2. Official language:
            1. English and hindi are the most important languages
          3. Basics
            1. Greetings
              1. Hugs and kisses as a form of greeting should be avoided
                1. Man greeting Man Woman greeting Woman
                  1. Light handshakes are common after the initial "Namaste"
                    1. Men greeting Women
                      1. The Namaste is the most common form of greeting
                  2. Views of time
                    1. Chalta Hain
                      1. Relaxed attitude
                      2. IST
                        1. Indian Standard Time
                          1. The basically means that if you have an appointment at noon
                      3. Comunication Style
                        1. Indians tend to favor and indirect style of communication over direct
                        2. Gestures
                          1. Point with one finger is common
                            1. One usually always eats with the right hand as the left hand is considered unclean
                        3. Business
                          1. Dress
                            1. For men
                              1. Conservative, dark colored suits
                              2. For women
                                1. Dresses should not reveal too much of the legs
                                  1. "Salwar Kanzeez" or "Sari" is acceptable
                              3. Titles and business cards
                                1. Titles
                                  1. The best to address people directly by using their professional title
                                  2. Business cards
                                    1. Always present and receive business cards with your right hand
                                  3. Meetings
                                    1. Usually begin with a fair amount of small-talk
                                      1. Avoid topics such as
                                        1. politics
                                          1. Religions
                                            1. The coste system
                                              1. The Kashmir region
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