Survey of St Mary the Virgin

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GIS survey of St Mary the Virgin in Brancaster

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Survey of St Mary the Virgin
  1. Introduction: The Aim of this exercise is to create a detailed survey of the graveyard and church. To capture all the graves and their attribute data in order to produce a detailed map.
    1. Equipment
      1. Leica 1200 LTK GPS
        1. 30min Training on Leica Kit
          1. Poor Satellite Coverage
            1. Poor GSM coverage
            2. Olympus Tough TG810 Camera
              1. Quantity
                1. Quality
                2. Notepad and pen
                  1. Capture as much information as possible
                  2. Lenovo Laptop
                    1. Portable Shelter/Tent (for inclement weather)
                    2. Methodology
                      1. Split area into 4 quadrants
                        1. Asses Time and Resources available
                          1. Take turns at gathering GS and attribute data
                            1. All contribute towards final data processing and production
                              1. Sketch survey area and delineate quadrant boundaries
                                1. 2 collect attribute data while one collects gps data (then rotate
                                  1. Once all data is covered, first available person, start inputting attribute data
                                  2. End Product
                                    1. Digital
                                      1. Map of the Graveyard and church
                                        1. Spreadsheet of the grave attribute
                                        2. Hardcopy
                                          1. Printed A3 map with accompanying grave information
                                        3. Analysis & Discussion
                                          1. Method
                                            1. Pros & Cons of method used
                                              1. Alternatives methods
                                                1. What I would do differently
                                                2. Equipment
                                                  1. Pros & Cons of what we used
                                                    1. Accuracy
                                                      1. Cost
                                                        1. usability
                                                        2. Alternatives
                                                          1. EDM
                                                            1. Plane Tabe
                                                              1. Base stations
                                                              2. Best Possible Solution
                                                              3. Season / Weather/time
                                                                1. Shelter for inclement weather
                                                                  1. Survey during winter when there are less leaves on trees
                                                                    1. Identify the ideal time during the day when there are more satellite's above
                                                                  2. Data
                                                                    1. GPS
                                                                      1. Point: Head Stone centre, Flag pole, Trees
                                                                        1. Line: Footpath, boundary wall
                                                                          1. Polygon: Church and tombs
                                                                          2. Pictures
                                                                            1. Attribute info
                                                                              1. DigiMap OS layer
                                                                                1. Sketch
                                                                                2. Conclusion: The survey was a great exercise in finding out the capability of the Leica 1200; mainly its limitations. It has also highlighted issues such as planning, checking equipment and also consideration about he type of data available for use. Most importantly, it has reiterated the different methods of collecting data, which is not only limited to GPS equipment but others that make this types of surveying exercise a success.
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