Plantations in Ireland


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Plantations in Ireland
  1. 1500
    1. King of England => Lord of Ireland
      1. Divided in three
        1. The Pale
          1. Area to north and south of Dublin
            1. Followed English law and customs
            2. Anglo-Irish lordships
              1. Ruled by descendants of Anglo-Normans
                1. Followed both English 'common' law and Gaelic Brehon law
                2. Gaelic Irish lordships
                  1. Ruled by Irish lords
                    1. Followed Brehon law
                      1. Very Celtic
                  2. Gaelic Brehon law
                    1. Chief elected from derbhfine
                      1. Land owned by clan
                      2. English common law
                        1. New lord was the eldest son
                          1. Land owned by lord
                          2. Tudors
                            1. Henry VIII
                              1. Wanted to conquer Ireland
                                1. To protect England
                                  1. To spread Protestantism
                                    1. Surrender and regrant
                                      1. Lords surrendered their land to the king
                                        1. By swearing loyalty to the king, they got the land back, and new English titles
                                  2. Plantations
                                    1. The rebellious' lands were confiscated
                                      1. Land is then given to loyal settlers
                                    2. Laois-Offaly Plantation
                                      1. O'Mores and O'Connors were the lords
                                        1. Queen Mary sent her Lord Deputy with an army
                                          1. Lands confiscated
                                            1. Divided into counties
                                              1. Queen's County
                                                1. Laois
                                                2. King's County
                                                  1. Offaly
                                            2. Failure
                                              1. Not enough planters
                                                1. Not enough English planters
                                                2. Lands were attacked
                                              2. Munster Plantation
                                                1. Fitzgeralds ruled most of Munster
                                                  1. Queen Mary
                                                    1. Appointed presidents to impose English customs
                                                      1. Encouraged "adventurers" from England
                                                      2. Desmond Rebellions
                                                        1. Led by James Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald
                                                          1. Defeated twice, then killed
                                                            1. Left Munster in ruins
                                                          2. Earl of Desmond joined, was beheaded
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