Character of the Emperors

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Character of the Emperors
  1. Tiberius
    1. Disciplinarian SUE. Tib 19
      1. A military with stubborn defatigability SUE. Tib. 16
        1. Dour and miserable SUE. Tib. 21; 34. TAC 138
          1. Augustus - 'Poor Rome, doomed to be ground by those slow-moving jaws'
          2. Hardly a family guy?
            1. Livia
              1. Quarrelled openly with Livia - she responded by bring out letters from Augustus detailing his less than desirable qualities which was said to be the main reason for his retirement to Capreae
                1. Visited her once in her last three years, didn't attend her funeral
                  1. Wouldn't allow her to be deified.
                    1. Annulled her will and used it to wreak revenge on her friends
                      1. Sent one eques to the treadmill
                  2. Drusus and Germanicus
                    1. No paternal feelings
                      1. Described G's victories as ineffective
                        1. Cut short the period of mourning for Drusus
                          1. Possibly killed G (through Piso)
                          2. Killed Agrippina and Nero and Drusus Caesar
                            1. Tiberius supported his son Drusus, but this added to G's popularity
                              1. Wants Nero Caesar to stand for quaestorship 5 years ahead of the legal age - the senate laugh
                                1. When the Augusta returned home Tib. rushed back to Rome
                                2. Frequently changes mind
                                  1. Took him two years to actually enter Rome at the beginning of his reign. Kept saying that he was going to tour the provinces.
                                    1. Nicknamed 'Caliipides' - keeps running but never advances a single step
                                  2. Cruel and depraved
                                    1. Biberius Caldius Mero (means he was a hard drinker)
                                      1. Pans/nymphs/minnows
                                        1. Orgies
                                          1. Oral sex painting by Parrhasius (Atalanta and Meleager)
                                            1. Killled Agrippina (beaten till eye), Nero Caesar (commit suicide) and Drusus Caesar (Starved)
                                              1. became more cruel after Sejanus
                                                1. had his children raped
                                                2. Archelaus
                                                  1. Sejanus' daughter was raped
                                                    1. Agrippina and Drusus and Nero Caesar's deaths
                                                      1. Cliffs and Torture
                                                        1. Accused Sextus Marius (rich Spaniard) of incest
                                                        2. Paranoia
                                                          1. Fish/Crab debacle
                                                            1. Left Rome 26CE
                                                              1. Made his granddaughters marry below their rank
                                                                1. Drusilla + Cassius (Plebeian)
                                                                  1. Julia Livilla + Vinicius (Equite)
                                                                  2. 'Terror had paralysed human sympathy'
                                                                    1. Ordered the execution of all those implicated with Sejanus
                                                                  3. Capable of tolerating abuse
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