Chinese Schools of Thought

Allie Jay
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Allie Jay
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8th grade History Mind Map on Chinese Schools of Thought, created by Allie Jay on 05/28/2015.

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Chinese Schools of Thought
  1. Confucianism
    1. Created by Confucious
      1. Five Key Relationships
        1. Father to Son
          1. Elder to Younger Brother
            1. Husband to Wife
              1. Ruler to Subject
                1. Friend to Friend
                2. Everyone has their own duties and jobs
                  1. Filial Piety
                    1. Elders and Men are superior
                    2. Daoism
                      1. Created by Laozi
                        1. Not concerned with gov't
                          1. Rejected conflict and strike
                            1. Greatly respects nature & life sciences
                            2. Legalism
                              1. Strict laws & harsh punishments
                                1. Greed was a major cause of conflict
                                  1. Opposite of Confucianism
                                    1. Leaders needed to be strong and good
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