Athens and Sparta

Allie Jay
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Allie Jay
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8th grade History Mind Map on Athens and Sparta, created by Allie Jay on 05/29/2015.

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Athens and Sparta
  1. Athens
    1. Began as a monarchy
      1. Changed to an aristocracy
        1. Moved toward a democracy
      2. Stronger gov't than Sparta
        1. Women had no share in daily life
          1. They managed the houseold
            1. Less wealthy women had to work on the farms outside
          2. Boys who went to school would learn to read or write, but also rhetoric.
          3. Sparta
            1. Almost entirely focused on War
              1. Boys began military training at age seven
              2. Women were expected to produce healthy children
                1. They had to obey their fathers and husbands
              3. Both
                1. in Greece
                  1. Males were Superior
                    1. Strong military
                      1. Girls got no education
                        1. Both worship and believed in the same gods
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