Renaissance and medicine

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Renaissance and medicine
1 William Harvey
1.1 Discoveries
1.1.1 Veins only carry blood, not blood and air
1.1.2 blood isn't always made in the liver, It's not used up while moving around the body
1.1.3 blood must go through blood vessels to get to arteries and then to veins
1.2 Books
1.2.1 1628- ' anatomical account of the motion of the heart' and 'blood in animals'
1.3 People that helped Harvey with his discoveries
1.3.1 Dutch scientist- Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek Developed better lenses for the microscope discovered bacteria- animalcules
1.4 Took over 40 years for his ideas to be accepted in medical schools. This is because other doctors didn't want to face the fact they were teaching wrong information.
2 Points holding back medicine
2.1 church controlled education and medical training
2.2 church didn't encourage dissection
2.3 Herbal remedies where passed down through the generations
2.4 Few people could afford to train as physicians
2.5 Many people reluctant to change how medicine was done
2.6 people believed that their health was effected by super natural activitie
2.7 minor illnesses were treated by the woman in the family
3 Progress in medicine
3.1 Some herbal remedies actually worked
3.2 The Mechanical pump was invented
3.3 Printing press was invented
3.4 Some people did feel better after being bled and purged
3.5 New plants were discovered when new lands were discovered
3.6 Popularity of catholic church decreased
3.7 Microscope was invented
3.8 University and medical schools were founded in the 12th century
4 Summary of science of medicine
4.1 vesalius
4.1.1 Made accurate map of body
4.1.2 Found Galen on dissection animals
4.1.3 He didn't explain ill health
4.2 Medieval ideas
4.2.1 No science involved- only reading books
4.2.2 Massive belief in Galen
4.3 Renaissance
4.3.1 rebirth of learning
4.3.2 Medicine turned more scientific
4.3.3 Found that some of Galen's work was wrong

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