Health and Safety at Work

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Created by justsomeuser98 almost 6 years ago
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Health and Safety at Work
1 Work Act
1.1 (1974)- Shares the responsibility for a safe workplace between the employers and the employees.
2 Stress (mental)
2.1 Can be caused by overworking, lack of knowledge on how to complete tasks- can lead to not completing work by deadlines
3 Eye Strain
3.1 Can cause headaches and blurred vision, feelings of tiredness and sickness
3.2 To avoid this you can take regular breaks, adjust the brightness of your screen, moving out the direct sunlight or providing a screen filter
4 Back or neck injuries
4.1 Can be caused by non provided adjustable chairs or sitting at a computer not taking precautions (not sitting straight, slouching)
4.2 Sitting properly at the desk, with a fully adjustable chair and footrests
5 Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
5.1 Can be caused by using a keyboard for long periods of time without a break, but also poor posture and badly designed keyboards that require too much pressure to input data
5.2 Symptoms are wrist pain, swelling, stiffness, numbness, a burning sensation or continuous ache.
5.3 To prevent this, employees should be trained in the importance of adjusting their chair and using wrist support, or be encouraged to take breaks
6 Ergonomics
6.1 Designing comfortable and safe machines and furniture to avoid injury to the user
6.2 e.g. care needs to be taken regarding the height of desks and how easy it is to reach equipment

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