K101 Characteristics of Institutions (Goffman, 1968)

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K101 Characteristics of Institutions (Goffman, 1968)
  1. Inmate Role
    1. Stripped of past lives. Lose what was previously individual to them. Loss of roles they had.
      1. New identity chosen & imposed on them by the institution
      2. Batch living
        1. People all treated the same, not as individuals
          1. Controlled by strict rules with little freedom
          2. Institutional Perspective
            1. Events & activities designed to create a sense of community
            2. Binary Management
              1. Staff & inmates controlled & kept separate by two different sets of rules
                1. Treat each other with suspicion. Staff feel superior to inmates
                2. Total Institution
                  1. A place where people live & work separate from society, following strict procedures that determine all aspects of their lives
                  2. Effect on people: apathy, lack of initiative, lack of interest in outside world, submissiveness, resignation
                    1. Cause of institutionalisation: (Barton, 1959) - loss of contact with friends & family, loss of possessions & personal effects, nothing to do, poor environment, staff bossiness, lack of prospects, sedation drugs
                      1. How people adjust - fighting back/becoming rebellious, isolating themselves/becoming socially withdrawn, pretending to follow rules, accepting peoples views of them
                        1. Example - Cedar Court, batch living (residents not treated as individuals but collective group, little choice or privacy), Binary management (bedroom staff operate own subculture, treat people differently from nursing staff), Inmate role (residents are 'serviced' by staff, staff talk about residents and discipline them)
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