Ministerial Leadership

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religious education assignment.

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Ministerial Leadership
  1. Emerged following the second Vatican Council (1962-65)
    1. each bishop is responsible for their diocese, which has the right to establish their own schooling system.
      1. Religious Education (R.E)
        1. R.E Coordinator
          1. Roles of R.E Coordinator
            1. Curriculum development and planning
              1. Supporting and assisting development of R.E teachers
                1. Cooperation with the principle to develop an annual role description
                2. regarded as an important position of leadership in schools.
                  1. was considered a commitment to the Catholic Tradition.
                  2. Role of the catholic teacher was a vocation within the church. (1965)
                    1. religious leadership policies emerged in the 20th century
                      1. Religious leadership was based on improving the development and enrichment of the school as a "vital faith community" (2011 p.35)
                        1. was viewed as a responsibility to assist teachers in filling their vocation.
                          1. must be in tune with their responsibility to exercise ministerial leadership
                          2. Ministerial Leadership Roles:
                            1. Nurturing positive relationships in schools
                              1. Leadership in the formation of R.E teachers
                                1. Leadership in Liturgical & faith life of the school
                                  1. Leadership in the development & maintenance of Catholic ethos in the school.
                                  2. Catholic Education
                                    1. rise in Catholic schools after the 2nd Vatican Council (1962-65)
                                      1. Catholic Education Office (CEOS)
                                        1. Produced a document to leadership in R.E Called Religious Education: it's place in Catholic Secondary Education (1989)
                                          1. the responsibility for promiting Catholic Ethos
                                        2. Generally bestowed upon educators who are members of the lay faithful
                                          1. mission of Catholic schools:
                                            1. the formation of the whole person
                                              1. various Australian policies guiding leadership in R.E
                                                1. promotes holissitic formation through effective pastoral care and Christian development programs
                                              2. Context of Catholic schooling is regarded as Ministry because it's a ublic role relating to the peoples communal experience of the gospel
                                              3. Historically
                                                1. How the sacred ministry of the word was delivered
                                                  1. involves preaching and teaching of the gospel message
                                                    1. sacred ministary of the sacraments
                                                    2. Ministerial leadership was the authority of the bishop who had owers to delegate sacred ministerial responsibilities to their preists
                                                    3. School communities benefit as it provides students to enhance their experience of school life as a faith sharing community.
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