B1A: Fitness and Health

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B1A: Fitness and Health
  1. Pressure is highest in arteries
    1. Highest pressure is when the heart contracts
      1. Lowest pressure is when heart relaxes
    2. High blood pressure causes:
      1. excessive drinking
        1. smoking
          1. lack of exercise
            1. unhealthy diet
              1. stress
                1. drugs
                  1. age
        2. Effects of body:
          1. strokes - burst capillaries
            1. Heart strain
              1. Kidney damage
                1. damage to brain
        3. Effects of low blood pressure:
          1. lightheadedness
            1. diziness
              1. fainting
                1. not enough blood to brain
                  1. strokes
                    1. heart attacks
                      1. kidney attacks
                        1. shock
          2. Measuring fitness:
            1. Agility
              1. Stamina
                1. Strength
                  1. Flexibility
                    1. Speed
                      1. Cardiovascular efficiency
            2. CO reduces O2 carrying capacity of blood
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