SAB6#2_Relationships Among Portfolios, Programs, and Projects

Reyna Carbajal
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Reyna Carbajal
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Mind Map on SAB6#2_Relationships Among Portfolios, Programs, and Projects, created by Reyna Carbajal on 06/01/2015.

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SAB6#2_Relationships Among Portfolios, Programs, and Projects
  1. Projects have a beginning and an end produce something specific
    1. Temporary,Little Time
      1. Objective
        1. New
        2. Portfolios: Might include programs and projects
          1. Prioritize work It provides resources
            1. Projects, Programs unrelated
              1. It does not have an end
              2. Programs are groups of projects that should be managed together
                1. It is temporary longer
                  1. Set of projects aligned and related
                    1. More benefits, Fewer risks
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