Remittance Case

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Remmitance case

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Remittance Case
  1. social media
    1. Facebook
      1. twitter
        1. reddit
          1. create different content
          2. LinkedIn
            1. BiticoinForun
            2. Web site
              1. Page for case
                1. explain how to do
                  1. page for exchange
                    1. form for People who are interested
                    2. PPC
                      1. Facebook ADS
                        1. post
                        2. Adwords for especific words
                          1. Portugues and Ingles
                            1. Small budget
                            2. twitter
                            3. RP e-mail
                              1. check what RP open
                                1. Congratulation E-mail
                                2. PR
                                  1. PI company in brazil and canada
                                    1. Blogs and web sites
                                      1. Tourism
                                        1. Technology
                                          1. Digital currency
                                      2. Results
                                        1. RP
                                          1. Opem E-mail
                                            1. Click in the link
                                            2. Brand
                                              1. visits
                                                1. Likes and share
                                                  1. contacts
                                                  2. ROI
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