Religion and social change

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religion and social change

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Religion and social change
1 Religion as a conservative force
1.1 defends traditional customs maintains things as they are
1.2 opposes changes to laws about marriage, divorce and abortion
1.2.1 preserving things as they are
1.3 Maintains social stability and prevents disintegration
1.3.1 legitimises the inequalities that exist in a capitalist society
1.3.2 legitimates the inequality that exists in the home (patriarchy)
2 Weber: religion as a force for change
2.1 The 'sprit of capitalism' argues that religion brought about major social change
2.1.1 modern capitalism is based on the systematic, efficient and rational pursuit of profit
2.2 calvinist beliefs
2.2.1 Predestination
2.2.2 Divine transcendence
2.2.3 Asceticism
2.2.4 the call to serve god in everyday life
2.2.5 worked long hours, shunned luxuries and had rigorous self discipline lead them to accumulate wealth, they attributed this to god
2.3 Hinduism and confucanism
2.3.1 hinduism directed followers to the spiritual world, it was 'other worldly'
2.3.2 Confucanism directed followers to the material world
3 religion and social protest
3.1 American civil rights movement
3.1.1 led by MLK
3.1.2 could draw on religion for motivation and legitimation
3.1.3 Took the moral high ground, pointed out hypocrisy
3.1.4 mobilised public opinions
3.2 new christian right
3.2.1 aimed to make abortions, homosexuality and diverse illegal
3.2.2 believes in traditional gender roles
3.2.3 never and more than 15% of the populations support
4 Marxism, religion and change
4.1 Bloch: principle of hope
4.1.1 religion has a dual character can inhibit change but can inspire protest and rebellion images of utopia can create visions of a better world for people to strive for
4.2 Liberation theology
4.2.1 a movement that aims to help the poor and oppose military dictatorships helped to bring about democracy in latin america
4.3 Millenarian movements
4.3.1 the desire to change things here and now total transformation on earth by supernatural means appeal to the poor because of instant improvements
4.4 Gramsci: religion and hegemony
4.4.1 the ruling class produce a hegemony that produces ideas that enable them to remain in control
4.4.2 the working class can sometimes see though this hegemony and rebel
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