religion, renewal and choice

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religion, renewal and choice

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religion, renewal and choice
  1. Postmodernity and religion
    1. Davie: believing without belonging
      1. religion is not declining but taking a more privatised form
        1. B.W.B people hold beliefs but do not go to church
          1. people still use the church for rites of passage
          2. spritual shopping
            1. cultural amnesia - loss of collective memory
              1. religion continues through individual consumerism
                1. people have become spiritual shoppers with 'do it yourself' beliefs
                  1. Link to religious consumerism 'pick and mix'
                2. increased equality has reduced peoples need for religion
                3. jesus in disneyland
                  1. relocation of religion
                    1. globalisation has increased access to new religions
                      1. the media lift these out of their contexts and put them into new places and times
                    2. Religious consumerism
                      1. we construct our identities through what we consume
                        1. Pick and mix to meet our needs
                          1. religion has relocated to the sphere of consumption
                            1. people may have abandoned religious organisations but have no abandoned religion
                      2. Re-enchantment of the world
                        1. There has been a growth of non-traditional religions
                    3. religious market theory
                      1. people are naturally religious and they make rational choices based on the costs and benefits of all available religions
                        1. religion provides us with super-natural compensators when real rewards are unobtainable.
                          1. there is a historical cycle of decline, revival and renewal.
                            1. competition leads to improvements in the religious goods on offer
                            2. existential security theory
                              1. religious market theory fails to explain the variations in religions between societies
                                1. level of religious belief depends upon the level of existential security
                                  1. religion meets a need for security, so insecure groups have strong religious beliefs
                                    1. explains the differences in religiosity between MEDC's and LEDC's
                                      1. The USA is an exception, high levels of inequality lead to high religiosity
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