Aboriginal Spirituality

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Aboriginal Spirituality
  1. Totems
    1. Totems are believed be an entity who assists a group of people, such as a family, clan, or tribe
    2. Morning Dance
      1. Sun Dance
        1. A sun dance is emotional experience and an opportunity to renew kinship ties, arrange marriages and exchange property.
      2. Sweat Lodge
        1. Important aspect of purification rites
        2. Vision Quest
          1. Done under the guidance of an elder these in which you speak with the forces of nature in search of self identification
          2. Shaking Tent
            1. You go into a tent with a Shaman and you sing and drum which summons the shaman's spirit helpers, whose arrival was signified by animal cries and the shaking tent. These spirit helpers were used in curing
            2. Potlach
              1. They are held to celebrate initiation, to mourn the dead, or to mark the investiture of chiefs in a continuing series of often competitive exchanges between clans, lineages and rival groups
              2. Animisim
                1. Many do believe in animism
                2. Natural Environment
                  1. We belong to the land so it must be treated with care
                  2. Death and After Life
                    1. When you die you go on the "Spirit Path" and are judged by an old woman who decides whether or not you
                      1. No specific belif but mant think you are judged by an old woman who decides if you rest with your ancestors or go back to earth as a ghost
                      2. Creation Stories
                        1. Most involve us coming out of the earth and having a creator that created the people, animals and plants almost as equals, elders are seen to be very wise in these stories
                        2. Eagle Feather
                          1. Special connection with the creator as they fly so high, giving a feather is the utmost sign of respect, feathers are to be treated with care at all times
                          2. Circle
                            1. Everything is always done in circles as the power of the world comes in circles.
                            2. Trees
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