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a short summary about translation process

Resource summary

1 Definition
1.1 Transfering written or spoken SL texts to equivalent written or spoken TL texts.
2 Jakobson's categories
2.1 Intralingual
2.1.1 Rewording
2.2 Interlingual
2.2.1 Translation propper
2.3 Intersemiotic
2.3.1 Transmutation
3 Knowledge
3.1 Procedural
3.1.1 Options for translation
3.2 Factual
3.2.1 Special terminology resources
4 Translators
4.1 Very good knowledge about the language
4.2 familiarity with the subject matter
4.3 Excellent command of the target language
4.4 Finely tuned sense
5 Types of translation and interpretation
5.1 Financial
5.2 Legal
5.3 Medical
5.4 Scientific
5.5 Technical
5.6 Literary Translation
6 Types of Translation
6.1 Machine
6.1.1 Automatic translation
6.2 Machine-Assisted
6.2.1 Machine and human
6.3 Screen
6.3.1 Movies and tv subtitling and dubbing
6.4 Sight
6.4.1 Documment explained orally
6.5 Localization
6.5.1 Adapting products to a different culture
7 Translation
7.1 Types of translation
7.1.1 Specialized Language of a specific area
7.1.2 Non-specialized
7.1.3 Direct from a foreign language to your native language or a language you master perfectly
7.1.4 Indirect Quite a bit harder to do, and less reliable
7.1.5 Translation techniques Semantic Level Explansion Amplification for structural reasons Reduction Reduction for structural reasons Compensation Morphosyntactic Level Loan Taken word without translation Calque Literally translated Literal translation Translating word by word respecting the collocations of the target language Transposition Translating one part of the speech to other one, without changing the meaning Modulation Variation of the message Equivalence Transmiting the same situation by using different stylistic and structural resources Adaptation solve a cultural vacuum between source and target language).
7.2 PrOcess
7.2.1 Comprenhension Stage Semasiology
7.2.2 Expression Stage Onomasiology
8 Interpreting
8.1 Types of Interpretation
8.1.1 Consecutive Taking notes while listening. Then translates during pauses
8.1.2 Simultaneous Listening to a speech and simultaneously interpret it
8.2 Is the facilitation of oral or sign-language communication
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