the violence

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the violence
  1. what is ?
    1. violence is the kind of human interaction that is in impulsive causing therenten to hurt somehow .
    2. causing violence
      1. which generates more violence are the difference in thought or idealization
      2. concequences of violence
        1. violence has affected and brings many problems that makes these affected as consequences can be physical and mental
        2. factors that generated more violence in the world
          1. the factors thet cause more anger or difference of opinion between people are reliquion sexuality and social strata sometimes causing violence
          2. because people solve problems with violence ?
            1. people often solve problems with violence because they do not control their impulses of rage ,rather than solve problems by talking and showing solutions
            2. ways to avoid violence
              1. to prevent violence must stop ignorance and know that is not the best way of salving problems that are concequences and affected the best way is talking and looking to salve
              2. violence in different countries
                1. the types of violence that we see in countries are the social and economic
                  1. violence in some countries
                    1. sirian,is a religious war deaths has generated only by solving problems with violence ,should propose solutions
                      1. venezuela,is an economic problem this creates violence by the frustation of people unable to meet their needs, violence in this case is physical
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