GCSE Biology - Classification - unfinished

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GCSE Biology - Classification - unfinished
  1. Problems with classification
    1. Some hybrids are fertile
      1. Two closely related species can sonmetimes interbreed
      2. Some organisms reproduce asexually
        1. Ring species
          1. Begin as a single population of a species
            1. As the species' range expands, ecological barriers can seperate sub-populations
              1. These populations can spread and become isolated again
                1. Eventually, a chain of populations is formed
                  1. Each population differs from the last
                    1. The populations at either end of the chain may be so different that they could be classified as a new species
                  2. Species
                    1. Can produce fertile offspring
                    2. How are organisms classified
                      1. Kingdom
                        1. Phylum
                          1. Class
                            1. Order
                              1. Family
                                1. Genus
                                  1. Species
                                  2. The 5 kingdoms
                                    1. Fungi
                                      1. Prokaryotae
                                        1. Mammalia
                                          1. Protoctista
                                            1. Plantae
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