Black Civil Rights in the 1950s

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Mind map on the major advances of black Civil Rights in the USA in the 1950s.

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Black Civil Rights in the 1950s
1 Background
1.1 Plessy vs. Ferguson
1.1.1 1896
1.1.2 Separate but equal
1.2 Jim Crow Laws
1.2.1 De facto in North, de jure in South
1.2.2 'Jim Crow' cartoon character
1.2.3 Schools, marriage, transport and public places
1.3 Ku Klux Klan
1.3.1 Formed in 1886
1.4.1 Formed in 1909
2 Brown v Topeka 1954
2.1 Effects
2.1.1 Southern Manifesto
2.1.2 70% border state schools desegregated
2.1.3 Emmett Till 1955
2.1.4 Plessy vs. Ferguson overturned
2.2 Causes
2.2.1 Black schools were relatively ill-equipped
2.2.2 Integration was the only option
2.3 Events
2.3.1 NAACP took Topeka Board of Education to Supreme Court
2.3.2 Earl Warren ruled in favour of Linda Brown
3 Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955
3.1 1 year from December 1955
3.2 Causes
3.2.1 Rosa Parks refused to stand for a white person She was arrested
3.2.2 Montgomery Improvement Association 500 people voted to boycott buses
3.3 Events
3.3.1 90% of black people took part
3.3.2 Lasted over a year
3.3.3 2/3 black people traveled by car pool
3.4 Effects
3.4.1 Bus company lost 65% income
3.4.2 December 1956 Montgomery Bus Laws declared illegal
3.4.3 Violence and intimidation Churches and attacked MLK arrested twice Carpools banned
3.4.4 Martin Luther King Jr. rose to prominence Leader of MIA Formed SCLC
4 Little Rock 1957
4.1 Causes
4.1.1 The Brown vs. Topeka ruling was ignored by many states
4.1.2 Supreme Court order Governor Faubus to let 9 black students attend a school
4.2 Events
4.2.1 State troopers sent to block the students Claiming it was for their safety
4.2.2 Eisenhower sent 1100 federal troops to intervene
4.2.3 1000-strong white mob blocked them too
4.3 Effects
4.3.1 Other blacks felt it was antagonising whites
4.3.2 Faubus closed Little Rock in 1958
4.4 Septemeber 1957
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