Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution

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Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution
1 Labour
2 Capital
3 Market
3.1 The end of the French Revolutionand the war of Napoleon opened the continent up to British products
3.2 The Latin Americain war of independence opened the market of Central and South America
3.3 the United States and Canada demanded British products
3.4 through its control of India, Britian commanded the markets of southern Asia
4 Transportation
4.1 Canals
4.2 Railways (1830 and 1840 were great railway building ages)
5 Entreperneurship
5.1 Strong middle class
5.2 Liberal nobles were willing to invest in new ventures
6 Government Support
6.1 Strong navy protects merchant ships
6.2 Commercially minded parilament
6.3 Few laws limited entreperneurs on what the could do
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