Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution

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Why Great Britian Started the IR

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Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution
  1. Labour
    1. Enclosure movement
      1. population continued to grow on the base of the 18th-century population explosion
        1. better forms of transportation (such as the railway) allowed people to migrate to the cities…by 1850, one-half of the population of England and Whales and one-quarter of the population of France and Germany had become town-dwellers
    2. Natural Resources
      1. Coal, Iron, Ore, etc.
      2. Capital
        1. Industrial Revolution grew on itself
          1. Money made in earlier industries (textiles, Iron Making, etc.) was reinvested
        2. Markets
          1. the end of the French Revolution and the wars of Napoleon opened the continent up to British products
            1. the Latin American wars of independence opened the markets of Central and South America
              1. the United States and Canada demanded British products
                1. through its control of India, Britain commanded the markets of southern Asia
            2. Transportation
              1. Canals
                1. Railways: 1830s and 1840s were the great age of railway building
              2. Entrepreneurship
                1. Strong middle class
                  1. liberal nobles who were willing to invest innew ventures
                2. Government Support
                  1. strong navy to protect merchant ships
                    1. commercial minded parliament
                      1. few laws to limit what entrepreneurs could do
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