Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution

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mind map of why great Britain started the industrial revolution

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Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution
  1. Natural Resources
    1. Coal, iron, ore etc.
    2. Labour
      1. enclosure movement
        1. population continued to grow
          1. better forms of transportation enabled people to migrate to the cities
          2. Capital
            1. IR grew on itself
              1. money made in early industries was reinvested
              2. Markets
                1. end of french revolution and napoleonic wars opened continent up to british products
                  1. latin american wars of independence opened markets of south and central america
                    1. the US and Canada demanded british products
                      1. britain commanded the markets of southern asia through its control of india
                      2. Transportation
                        1. canals
                          1. railways
                          2. Entrepreneurship
                            1. strong middle class
                              1. liberal nobles who were willing to invest in new ventures
                              2. Government Support
                                1. strong navy to prevent merchant ships
                                  1. commmercially minded government
                                    1. few laws to limit what entrepreneurs could do
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