Black Civil Rights in the 1960s

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Black Civil Rights in the 1960s
1 Freedom Riders 1961
1.1 People and Groups
1.1.1 Congress of Racial Equality Led by James Farmer
1.1.2 Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee Led by John Lewis, Diane Nash and Ella Baker
1.2 Notable Events
1.2.1 Original CORE Ride Washington DC to New Orleans Group split, one to Anniston and another to Birmingham 200-strong mob bombed Anniston bus Governor told KKK to have 10 minutes Birmingham bus attacked
1.2.2 Nashville Freedom Rides Nashville to Montgomery 10 SNCC members Attacked after Birmingham after police 'left' Attorney General Kennedy sent 6000 federal troops
1.2.3 Mississippi Rides
1.2.4 St. Louis Ride
1.3 Causes
1.3.1 Test Morgan vs. Virginia
1.4 Effects
1.4.1 Segregation on interstate buses illegal
1.4.2 Encouraged other activists
2 Washington March 1963
2.1 Events
2.1.1 250,000 people including 50,000 white people
2.1.2 'I have a dream speech
2.2 Effects
2.2.1 Swayed public opinion
2.2.2 Lef to Civil Rights Act
3 Birmingham March 1963
3.1 Causes
3.1.1 Birmingham had a history of racism
3.1.2 MLK knew there was going to be violence Project C (Confrontation)
3.2 Events
3.2.1 1000 schoolchildren were recruited by MLK
3.2.2 Bull Connor used dogs, hoses and batons on marchers
3.3 Effects
3.3.1 National outrage at images
3.3.2 MLK's house bombed
3.3.3 Gathered support for movement
4 Selma March 1965
4.1 Causes
4.1.1 Like Birmingham, violence was expected
4.1.2 Black voting rights were denied
4.2 Effects
4.2.1 Bans on marches were lifted
4.2.2 Voting Rights Bill
4.2.3 Turnaround Tuesday caused tensions within the movement
4.3 Events
4.3.1 Bloody Sunday - 7 March 600 people Attacked on Edmund Pettus Bridge 70 hospitalised
4.3.2 Turnaround Tuesday - 9 March 2500 people Prayed on bridge then dispersed
4.3.3 Third March - 21 March 8000 people
4.3.4 MLK flew to meet Johnson
5 Voting Rights Bill
5.1 Causes
5.1.1 Media coverage of Selma Marches put pressure on Johnson
5.2 Effects
5.2.1 No literacy tests
5.2.2 Federal intervention if black voters were discriminated against
6 Civil Rights Act and Freedom Summer 1964
6.1 Causes
6.1.1 Assassination of Kennedy
6.2 Effects
6.2.1 430,000 black people registered to vote
6.2.2 Illegal to discriminate in housing and employment
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