Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law

Juan Rodriguez
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Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law
  1. trend
    1. 2nd wave of feminism


      • acquisition of personal voice, and control over the female body
      1. postmodernist trait
        1. engagement with history and identity (away from universalism)
          1. lang as social construct in the hands of men


            • struggle to find a female lang
        2. theme
          1. political poetry
            1. anti-woman woman


              • complex identity as poet/wife
              1. awareness of women's historical oppression and powerlessness
                1. new woman against patriarchal values
                2. style
                  1. formalism in early poetry
                    1. anger


                      • rebellious woman resented with commitment to patriarchal patterns they were contributing to reproduce
                      1. discarded early finished, polished style, abandonment of poetry as careful craft
                        1. adopted fragmentariness
                        2. academic, in the tradition of Eliot and Pound
                          1. home decried as myth perpetuator of patriarchal structures
                            1. imagery of destruction and death
                              1. imagery related to body
                                1. silent rebellious woman, active but linguistically quiet
                                2. devices
                                  1. mythical empowering figure
                                    1. fragmentary form: snapshots as a photograph, still moment


                                      • reveals a female state of mind
                                      1. free verse, yet instances of metrical regularity and end-rhyme
                                        1. title: being named after a social role
                                          1. collective heritage: Beauvoir, Dickinson, Woolf, Wollstonecraft


                                            • female creativity (loaded gun)
                                            1. appropriation of male elements: quester, outdoor scenarios
                                              1. flying woman as a form of resistance
                                                1. "I" avoided, instead "you" for daught/law also addressing a collectivity
                                                  1. polivocality, assuming voices of silenced women
                                                2. influence
                                                  1. male forms: Frost, Wallace, Yeats
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