Hitler and the Church

Adeola Johnson
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Adeola Johnson
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Mind Map on Hitler and the Church, created by Adeola Johnson on 06/07/2015.

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Hitler and the Church
  1. The Nazis were against religion - they felt that total devotion should be given to Hitler
    1. Church Beliefs
      1. God is ultimate authority
        1. Everyone is equal
          1. Peace
            1. The weak should be looked after by the strong
            2. Nazi Beliefs
              1. Hitler is all powerful
                1. Ayran race is superior than all
                  1. War, violence
                    1. The strong should be dominant over the weak
                    2. Hitler was worried about the Catholic churches because...
                      1. They were loyal to the pope
                        1. Sent their children to catholic schools and organisations
                          1. Supported the Centre Party
                          2. A CONCORDAT was signed in 1933
                            1. Catholics would be allowed to run their own schools, and organisations if the Pope stayed out of politics
                            2. The agreement broke down and Catholic schools had to remove all symbols
                              1. Catholic schools were soon shut down and going to Catholic organisations became illegal
                              2. Priests who opposed the Nazis were sent to concentration camps
                                1. The Nazis could control the church as...
                                  1. The Concordat was signed
                                    1. They made Church organisations illegal and shut down Catholic schools
                                      1. Set up Reich churches for the Protestants
                                        1. Catholic priests were sent to concentration camps
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