She Unnames Them

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She Unnames Them
  1. Postmodernism
    1. New fiction
      1. fabulation/Magic Realism
        1. fantasy for reconsideration and reimagination of women's position
      2. "Me Decade": short-story realist style
      3. themes
        1. fallacy of human superiority
          1. rewriting as an approach to cultural forces of power relations
            1. contestation of authority
              1. discourses of difference and power
                1. power relations: God as a creator of life, Adam as namer (patriarchal structures)
                  1. telling woman's part of the story, excluded from creative and linguistic power
                    1. unnaming herself rejects the role and cultural connection that the name casts on her


                      • demolishes the barriers of dominance
                      1. language as an obstacle


                        • a barrier relegating Eve and animals to generic functions in service of Adam's needs
                        1. ideal where hunter and hunted cant be distinguished
                        2. ecofeminism


                          • similarities between rights of women and animals, all kinds of oppression emanate from the same source
                        3. devices
                          1. retelling of the myth of Genesis
                            1. subversion of mythical construction that justifies discourses of difference and power
                            2. intertextuality


                              • Intertextual theory: all texts belong to an immense matrix where they are connected by common reading and writing practices
                              1. Bildungsroman
                                1. allusion, quotation
                                  1. parody
                                    1. ideological paralimpsest


                                      • offers silenced or ignored point of view
                                      1. binary oppositions: she/he, them/us
                                        1. lacks spatial or temporal details (postlapsarian condition)
                                          1. mock tone deprives story from religious overtones
                                            1. results in an utopian vision of power relations
                                              1. in betweenness accentuated by surrealist elements and domestic affairs
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