Second Language Acquisition

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Brief overview of some of the theories and programs of Second Language Acquisition.

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Second Language Acquisition
  1. W-Apt:Entry Test-SLA students
    1. Levels:1/2/3
      1. Names-Entry/Beginning/Developing
        1. Results
          1. Levels 1-5:Should be in SLA
      2. Levels:4/5/6
        1. Names-Expanding/Bridging/Reaching
          1. Should be in SLA class or not
            1. Level 6:Reaching-Test Out of SLA
      3. Service/Program Options
        1. Full Immersion
          1. Sink or Swim Not Allowed
          2. Pull out
            1. Pulled from class to work with ESL teacher
            2. Push in
              1. ESL Teacher in classroom to help
              2. Inclusion
                1. ELS teacher works with Normal teacher
                2. Sheltered Instuction
                  1. Main stream teacher has ELS training
                  2. Bilingual
                    1. Main stream teacher is fluent in native language
                  3. Language- System
                    1. Syntax
                      1. Sentence form-how they are made
                        1. Helps breakdown
                      2. Morphology
                        1. How words are put together
                          1. English into parts
                        2. Phonology
                          1. How words sound when spoken
                            1. for more efficient
                          2. Progmatics
                            1. Social/Cultural situations where certain language is used
                              1. understanding
                          3. Advantages while learning Second Language
                            1. 1. Cognitively Developed
                              1. 2.Understand the world and cultures more than L1 Learners
                                1. 3.Can learn rules and control overall input easier
                            2. Effective Filter Hypothesis Stephen Krashen
                              1. Car Window Analogy
                                1. Student feels bored, confused, or anxious = window up
                                  1. Student does not grasp the teacher's input
                                  2. Student is comfortable, relaxed, and motivated = window down
                                    1. Student understands teacher's input more easily
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