Computing Project

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Mind map for the computing project

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Computing Project
  1. Part A
    1. Definition
      1. Excellent Description with all elements Present
      2. Investigation
        1. Excellent user involvement with detailed recording of the user's requirements.
          1. Items must be present and show a thorough analysis of the system to be computerised
            1. Includes full justification for the approach and hardware and software requirements
          2. Part B
            1. Nature of the Solution
              1. A clear set of objectives with a detailed and complete design spec. Evidence to show that the end user has seen it.
                1. Detailed descriptions of any processes and a clear definition of data structures
                2. Algorithms
                  1. A complete set of algorithms with evidence to show that they have been assessed by the candidate
                  2. Test Strategy
                    1. A detailed strategy and plan covering all aspects of the system with data to test under norm, extreme and abnormal circumstances.
                  3. Part C
                    1. Software Devlopment
                      1. Complete evidence showing how the solution was developed using suitable alpha testing
                      2. Testing
                        1. The testing covers as many different paths of the system as feasibaly possible
                      3. Part D
                        1. Will provide detailed and accurate documentation in a structured and coherent format.
                        2. Part E
                          1. Discussion of the degree of success in meeting the original objective
                            1. A full discussion that takes all objectives mentions and explains them to a suitable degree.
                            2. Evaluate the users’ response to the system
                              1. Indicates that the system can be used but includes some faults which need to be fixed
                              2. Desirable Extensions
                                1. A clearly portrayed document that shows good and bad points of the system
                              3. Bibliography
                                1. Mums childminding career, this will consist of what was done on that day. What the child has done. e.t.c.
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