Whose afraid of virginia woolf themes

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Whose afraid of virginia woolf themes
      1. Theme of Character's dissastisfaction
        1. Marriages
          1. George and martha
            1. Martha says failed in life and in work
              1. poner lo de mi opinio y despues lo de la pregunta 4
              2. they treat badly to each other
                1. invented a son
                  1. Martha is also dissatisfied with herself
                    1. Martha lost her hopes in george's career
                    2. Nick and Honey
                      1. Nick just wanted honey's money
                        1. they got married because of honeys fake pregnancy
                      2. Careers
                        1. Geoerge : History profesor
                          1. never was the head of the history department
                          2. Nick : biology professor
                          3. Make them bitter
                            1. Drive their actions
                              1. Martha´s drinking
                                1. George's Control in act 3
                                  1. Nick having sex with martha
                                    1. Martha's criticism to george
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