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Unit 1 Business

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  1. business start up
    1. entrepreneurs
      1. this is someone that starts up a business from there home, office, van and etc
      2. enterprise
        1. an enterprise is a personal initiative to do something or a new business
      3. Gap in the market
        1. A gap in the market is a business opportunity that is either a completely new idea
        2. public and private sectors/sectors of economy
          1. private
            1. m&S
              1. tescos
                1. sainsburys
                2. public
                  1. NHS
                    1. armed forces/police
                      1. education
                      2. privatisation
                        1. When the government sells off public sector organisations to the private sector
                        2. sectors of economy
                          1. primary sector, extracting/grown
                            1. secondary sector, making things/changed in to
                              1. tertiary sector, service/where its sold
                            2. legal structure
                              1. sole trader is the only owner of their business
                                1. They have the responsibility of bills, rent, stock, bags and etc.
                                2. A sole trader is the only owner of there business
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