The happy prince

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book the happy prince

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The happy prince
  1. settings
    1. Palace
      1. The City
        1. Bog
        2. Personal opinions
          1. The book i like very much because is very entertaining
            1. It has a lot of fiction
              1. The end is very sad
              2. Themes
                1. Poverty
                  1. The people is very very poor
                    1. Chapter 5
                  2. Friendship
                    1. The statue and the swallow heve a very good friendship
                      1. Chapter 2
                    2. Sadneess
                      1. After the death from the heppy prince everybody is very sad
                        1. Chapter 1
                    3. Main character
                      1. Friendly
                        1. When the swallow see a statue cry and listens to it
                          1. Chapter 2
                        2. Generous
                          1. When ruby takes to them the people
                            1. Chapter 4 and 5
                          2. Loyal
                            1. Hit him was loyal to the statue this when i ask for help him
                              1. Chapter 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
                            2. SWALLOW
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