sleep and the science connection

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sleep and the science connection
  1. earth science
    1. 8.E.1. Role of Water: Explain the relationship between the hydrosphere and the atmosphere
      1. water is 1000 dense than air so the barometric pressure makes you tired.
    2. astronomy
      1. v 8.D.3. Effects of Tilt: Recognize and explain the effects of the tilt of the Earth
        1. when the earth is tilted toward the southern hemisphere it is winter in some places and you can't do a lot in the cold which cause people to rest a lot and it to get dark a lot faster.
      2. biology
        1. 8.D.1. Change Over Time: Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes
          1. when going from baby to adult we need less sleep than they do. when going from adult they need more sleep
        2. chemistry
          1. .D.3. Chemical Reactions: Provide evidence to support the fact that common substances have the ability to change int
            1. melatonin signals your body that you are sleepy
          2. physics
            1. 8.A.1. Motion: Develop an explanation of motion using the relationships among time, distance, velocity and acceleration.
              1. driving for long periods of time can make you sleep from the continuous motion of movement from the car.
            2. Thermodynamics
              1. v
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