Discharging firearm in operational situation

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Mind Map on Discharging firearm in operational situation, created by PhilandTracy Sayers on 06/11/2015.

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Discharging firearm in operational situation
1 Render 1st aid when safe to do so / contact medical emergency
2 Mark position of cartridge, persons etc
3 Preserve evidence (cartridge, bullet fragments etc)
4 Secure firearm and remaining rounds in state it was in at time if firing
5 Either advise shooter supervisor who will contact Dist Cmmdr OR if discharge unintentional follow those procedures
6 If someone killed/injured send firearm and any bullets to police armourer for examination with report of circumstances
7 Armourer will report on firearm condition, components, test
8 If requested armourer will get ESR to make comparison test and provide ballistic report
9 Commence any appropriate investigation (criminal) or employment investigation
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