Chemistry lessons 2014-2015

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End of the year assignment criteria D: what have I learned this year?

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Chemistry lessons 2014-2015
  1. What have I learned in Chemistry?
    1. Experimenting
      1. think critically
        1. think efficiently
        2. Structures
          1. formulas
            1. dissolving
        3. Think energetically favourable
          1. think like a scientist
            1. ask why?
          2. moles
            1. Bonding:
              1. ionic bonding
                1. metallic bonding
                  1. covalent bonding
                  2. Calculations
                    1. reactions:
                      1. combustion reaction
                        1. Precipitation reaction
                    2. Why have I learned all of these things in Chemisty?
                      1. Told me to look for patterns
                        1. Told me how to focus on necessary things, leaving the irrelevant things out which costs extra energy
                          1. I learned that most natural things have a pattern/structure
                            1. When thinking critically, you get closer to the truth, not only in chemistry
                              1. Chemistry is everywhere: it makes you a more thoughtful person knowing what actually is happening in your environment.
                              2. Mistakes make you learn!
                                1. To be a scientist you have to always ask why and keep on asking, even if your predictions turn out to be untrue. You will evolve because of this.
                                2. By grading my own test, I learned how to look at work with an open mind and give objective criticism.
                                  1. Learning how things around you work makes you think about things around you: while cooking, boiling water, dissolving sugar in your cup of tea. Everything involves chemistry.
                                    1. Being efficient helped me to also be successful in other subjects, less time, same or better quality.
                                      1. Look at the things you don’t know instead of the things you do know, this way you will become a better scientist
                                      2. Roos Roelofs T4Y
                                        1. Improvement:
                                          1. Teacher: more feedback in terms of testing grades and comments, but great teaching!
                                            1. student: more effiient working in class!
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