Elisabeth Kara-Michailova- the first Bulgarian physicist


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Elisabeth Kara-Michailova- the first Bulgarian physicist
  1. She was born on 3rd September 1897
    1. Parents
      1. Her father Ivan Karamihailov was a Bulgarian doctor, a surgeon.In 1907 he headed the newly created hospital called '' Red Cross''- now its name is ''Pirogov''.
        1. Her mother- Mary Slade was English who studied Music and learnt a lot about piano and composition.
      2. Education
        1. In 1917 she graduated from The first girls`high school in Sofia.
          1. In 1938 Elisabeth graduated from Cambridge University
            1. In1922 she graduated from Vienna University as PhD in Physics and Mathematics. She could speak four foreign languages- German, English, French and Bulgarian.
            2. Scientific activities and positions
              1. In 1921 she started her work at the Institute for Radium studies in Vienna, particularly interested in radioluminescenc. She made a lot of researches connected with the transmutation of light elements. (cosmic rays)
                1. In 1931 she and Marietta Blau observed a specific type of previously unknown radiation emitted from polonium and cosmic rays and published the results.
                  1. In 1939 she was appointed as a docent of Department of Physics in Sofia University. She was the first woman teacher.
                    1. She has written 40 scientific works, many publications and analyzes.
                      1. In the last days of her carrier she worked in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, headed the Department of Radoactivity and Nuclear Spectrology.
                    2. She died in 1968 from cancer. She donated all her property and her father`s house to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She donated her body for researches connected with the effects of radiation on the human body.
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